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Hi, I'm Joey! I'm the owner of Knoxville Center for Marriage Counseling (KCMC), It's been such an exciting ride getting this business started, including my blog. My goal is to offer readers a chance to learn more about living and loving authentically and vulnerably in their most intimate relationships. Stay tuned for upcoming posts!



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Hardness of heart

“How blessed is the man who fears always, but he who hardens his heart will fall into calamity.”(Proverbs 28:14) One, of several, moments that is painful to witness as a marriage counselor is when on

Summer love

After I wrote this post, this title came to mind and it made me think of the song, “Summer Nights” from the musical, “Grease”. There’s something magical and exciting about summer love. In movies it’s

Have you been like Judas?

We’re officially in Holy Week and quickly approaching Easter. As we continue to prepare for Our Lord’s Passion and Resurrection, I’ve been reading different meditations and doing a lot of reflecting.