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Hi, I'm Joey! I'm the owner of Knoxville Center for Marriage Counseling (KCMC), It's been such an exciting ride getting this business started, including my blog. My goal is to offer readers a chance to learn more about living and loving authentically and vulnerably in their most intimate relationships. Stay tuned for upcoming posts!



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Have you been like Judas?

We’re officially in Holy Week and quickly approaching Easter. As we continue to prepare for Our Lord’s Passion and Resurrection, I’ve been reading different meditations and doing a lot of reflecting.

The value of wasting time

It was 6am and the baby was awake. I brought her downstairs, tiptoeing as to not wake up any of the other kids. I made coffee and sat by the fireplace, some flames still flickering from the night befo

Science + Faith = Winning Combo

We're taught to believe that our hope needs to be in either science or faith. We're even encouraged at times to keep the two separate, that they don't belong together. In the therapy office this is es

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