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Our Services


I specialize in marriage and couples counseling. I have many years of experience working with couples and applying the EFT model to help partners navigate the rigid cycles that keep them stuck. These negative cycles leave partners feeling many painful emotions, including feeling unimportant, alone, unloved, not good enough, and resentful. Relationship counseling aims to shift these negative cycles by first becoming aware of the cycle, and then identifying these painful emotions that drive the cycle and keep the couple stuck. Sharing these emotions with one another in a new, vulnerable way helps change the way partners experience each other. This allows couples to respond more intentionally and with greater empathy, and couples are then able to communicate and problem solve in new ways.  Couples often report feeling closer and more connected than ever before. 


I also offer individual counseling services and have many years of experience working with a variety of problems. Whether it’s relationship struggles, spiritual struggles, depression, anxiety, trauma, miscarriage loss, grief, or substance abuse and addiction, I am honored to walk this journey of healing with you.  I use a variety of modalities in working with individuals, depending on what is being presented. Most of my therapeutic approaches focus on a combination of offering practical tools and also building a strong rapport with my clients so they feel safe to explore and process their inner pain.


One of the core values at Knoxville Center for Marriage Counseling is an understanding and appreciation for the healing potential of a person’s faith. Over the years, I’ve had both friends and clients ask whether it was appropriate to bring up spiritual or religious issues or share with me aspects of their faith. My answer is always yes. I've found that many people are seeking a counselor who similarly sees the value of something so central to their life and marriage. Our faith helps us understand our life, our choices, and provides us with purpose and meaning. I am a practicing Christian and Christian Counseling is definitely a service that is available if requested.  


If you are specifically seeking counseling because there has been infidelity in your marriage, counseling can offer you and your partner a safe and non-judgmental place to start healing and rebuilding trust. I have many years of experience in working with couples who are hurting as a result of an affair and I always feel honored that partners feel safe enough to share these oftentimes very intense, very painful, and personal details of their relationship. Trust is hard to rebuild, but it is possible! I’m always moved by couples who can work through the pain of infidelity and experience feeling closer, more connected, and more loved by their partner than ever before. 


Premarital counseling is a great way to make sure you’re on solid footing before you say “I do”. If you're currently experiencing problems, we'll use the EFT model to understand the negative cycle that's keeping you feeling distant and stuck. Additionally, we'll process different areas that could put you at risk for dissatisfaction, disconnection, arguing, and ultimately divorce. I want you to enter your marriage with a strong  foundation, preventing common pitfalls, and knowing your commitment can withstand whatever challenges you may encounter.  

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